High Quality Linear Actuator Application                                  

Apply High Quality Linear Actuator to Agricultural, construction, mining, and highway machinery equipment.Read More

For slewing drives, Slewing ring bearing is the base

For slewing drives , The JIMI TECH slewing ring bearing of program consists of various solutions. Read More

Buy The Best electric actuated cylinders From JimiTech!

As leading manufacturer of solar tracking actuators, our electric actuated cylinders are ideal to all solar trackers and industrial application. Read More

Buy DC motors Here!

Get your hands on the DC motors from the leading manufacture of China – JimiTech. Our motors are  not only useful for many industrial applications, but also apply to serve aerospace and military industries. It widely apply to linear actuators and slewing drives on solar trackers. Read More

Solar tracker controllers professionally design

Even it is solar tracker controllers manufacturer, JIMI TECH developed new model controller TG 009-X. You can go to watch this video to know more, if you want to know what is the controllers application. Read More

Learn more about completed solar tracker system

Design Principles of PV Irrigation Systems

3.1.2 completed solar tracker system

Completed solar tracking systems are specific devices. They are for moving the PV to follow sunshine, so maximize the irradiation received. A solar tracking system is composed of three parts: mechanism, driving motors, tracking controller.Read More

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Intelligent actuator systems for height adjustable desks

There is an increasing global focus on ergonomics at the workplace. This is particularly true in jobs where employees sit or stand still for the majority of the day.Read More