Clean Energy

The clean energy market is fast growing industry to which JimiTech has been supplying standard and customized high quality products for many years.

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Medical & Health

Both patients and caregivers will benefit from easier to use, safer, lighter, smaller and more precise machines made possible by JimiTech products.

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Mobile Off-Highway

Thousands of actuators – many of them customized – are delivered each year by JimTech to manufacturers of combines, tractors, bulldozers, trains and other vehicles.

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Food Processing

Our large range of wash down and non contaminating components makes JimiTech a perfect partner to the food processing industry.

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Material Handling

Improve speed, accuracy and reliability by using the broad range of JimiTech products in robots, manipulators, lifting aids and pick-and-place equipment.

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Aerospace & Defense

From Ball screws to electronic-mechanical solutions, JimiTech Aerospace & Defense provides components thru proven solutions.

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Factory Automation

Wherever you need to control a linear motion in a production process JimiTech has the broadest range of suitable products on the market.

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Packaging & Converting

Packaging is a demanding market where Jimitech can offer unique products that will improve quality and productivity while lowering manufacturing costs.

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Machine Tools

JimiTech has supplied high performance lead screws, linear guides and cluthes and brakes to the machine tool manufacturers for decades.

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