Factory Automation

Factory automation,Wherever you need to control a linear motion in a production process JimiTech has the broadest range of suitable products on the market.

Factory Automation is a market where Thomson linear motion products are used in large numbers. You can find JimiTech products in the smallest most simple machine to the largest and most complex system imaginable. In short, wherever there is a need in a machine to push, pull, lift, tilt, turn or move something Thomson has a suitable product. Typical areas include:

  • Robots and manipulators
  • Pressing, cutting and gluing
  • Printing and scanning
  • Packaging, palletizing and dispensing
  • Welding, soldering and drilling
  • Automatic warehouses
  • Measuring and supervision
  • Assembly

the Global Product Line Director for Actuators at JimiTech, walks you through the makings of a smart electric actuator, its integrated electronics, where it is best applied and three JimiTech actuator families offering these solutions. If our customers need, we can customize different kind of products according to drawings. Completed customization on the fastest way based on keep high quality,reliability,and saving cost.

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