For bread robot,Two-axis packaging robots do considerable work in assembling and packing food items like baked goods, boxed cereal, boxed dairy products and mincemeat in trays. The system involves picking, placing, arranging and conveying individual items and the final packages. A wide range of Jimi-Tech components contribute to this vital food-processing function, including ball screws, guides, full linear motion systems and planetary gears and servo motors – all meeting strict wash down demands.

Belt Driven Linear Unit and electric cylinders

Facilitates rapid transfer of in-process material to maximize line throughput.

Precision Linear Actuator

Accurately raises and lowers vertical gripper assembly to grasp and release product.

Planetary Gear head and Servo Motor

Provides torque amplification and speed reduction to accurately position vertical axis on conveyor beds.

Linear Guide and Ball Screw Assembly

Accurately positions food and accounts for variation in product size.

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