For Diagnostics & Treatment, Jimi-Tech  provides a huge range of critical components for machines in the areas of medical diagnosis and treatment. These applications demand smooth, quiet operation for patient comfort, as well as positioning accuracy, high load capability and corrosion-resistance. All of these speak to the crucial need for safety and reliability.

The full range of standard, modified standard and completely custom Jimi-Tech  rotary and linear motion components and systems are used in advanced diagnostic and treatment applications today.

Scan Heads

For scan heads, Jimi-Tech  standard linear motion assemblies and a modified standard ceiling-mounted lifting column work alongside a complete white sheet design solution. We have the capability to design custom mechanisms as well as build and deliver the assembled system.

Patient Tables

Jimi-Tech  standard components including profile rail linear guides, lead screw, gearhead and clutch/brake assembly, and a custom linear actuator with lifting columns, are instrumental in this application.

Jimi-Tech -Optimized Applications:

  • Permanent installations (MRI, CT machine)
  • Nuclear medicine CT
  • Portable thermal imaging
  • O-arm image diagnostic
  • Portable installations (e.g. bedside scanner)
  • Radiation oncology
  • Portable ventilator

Our linear actuator for medical equipment is widely using on the application

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