For Lab Automation – Fluid Pumps, Jimi-Tech  lead screws and roundrail linear guides are integral to the precise dispensing of fluids by IV pumps. These systems must deliver fluids with total consistency, unaffected by push-back (unlike belt-drive, ball screw or rack-and-pinion systems.

Another key to success is our ability to quickly and efficiently produce small-quantity prototypes that speed your machine’s time to market. Other custom capabilities include special materials, special coatings and nonstandard loadings available to provide the “just right” solution.

Fluid Pumps

In addition to the standard screws and rails for fluid pumps, Jimi-Tech  produces highly-specialized, miniature linear components used in the latest radiation therapy devices, among many examples.

Jimi-Tech -Optimized Applications:

  • Precision liquid dispensing
  • Blood sampling
  • Infusion pumps
  • Adhesive automation
  • Automated pipetting

Our linear actuator for medical equipment is widely using on the application

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