Lab Automation – Pick & Place

For Lab Automation – Pick & Place, Jimi-Tech  components such as profile rails, lead screws and brakes contribute to the efficient, consistent performance of pick-and-place test tube robots. These machines must deliver precision and accuracy with a minimum of required maintenance. Jimi-Tech  components are available with an extra measure of corrosion protection – important in fluid-handling applications.

Critical to these applications is reliability and low/zero maintenance to minimize downtime and maximize clean operation and speed (through the ability to dial up the performance to an optimal level). Successful lab automation operation can reduce end user costs and speed delivery of medical products.

Pick & Place

For pick & place robots, Jimi-Tech  provides a thoughtful combination of standard linear components and pre-assembled linear systems to achieve the right balance of cost, accuracy, speed and life.

Jimi-Tech -Optimized Applications:

  • Robotic workstations
  • DNA sampling, Cell culture
  • Air displacement
  • Pipetting
  • Drug testing, Drug dispensing
  • Liquid handling

Our linear actuator for medical equipment is widely using on the application

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