In patient handling, optimized equipment calls no attention to itself. Jimi-Tech  makes huge contributions to quiet, vibration-free, ultra-dependable ambulance gurneys, bed lifts, bath lifts and more. And our products enable equipment to beadjusted easily and precisely to accommodate the individual needs of patients (up/down, side-to-side, etc.). With superior stainless steel Lube-for-Life guides and other advancements, Jimi-Tech  makes patient handling easier for caregivers and more secure for patients.

Surgical Tables

Jimi-Tech  2BA linear guides on the vertical axes provide strong, compact moment-load capacity with smooth motion while being tolerant of quick shifts in weight when the frame is straight.

Bath Chair Lifts

For simple and safe handling, Jimi-Tech  electrical actuators work ideally here. The WhisperTrak actuator is ultrasonically sealed to promote easy cleaning of the chair.

Jimi-Tech -Optimized Applications:

  • Ambulance gurneys and cots
  • Stair Lifts, Bed Lifts, Bath Lifts
  • Patient couches and tables
  • Surgical tables
  • Dental chairs

Our linear actuator for medical equipment is widely using on the application

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