Packaging and Converting

Helping to Build a Better Packaging Machine

Often the ideal design solution is not about finding the fastest, sturdiest, most accurate or even the least expensive option. Rather, the ideal solution is the optimal balance of performance, life and cost. Jimi-tech is best positioned to help packaging industry machine builders quickly configure the optimal linear motion solution for each application.

The Right Technology For Each Job

Frequently the same machine function can be achieved in different ways. Jimi-tech owns the broadest offering of mechanical motion technologies in the industry. We offer unbiased counsel on the optimal choice for each application.

The Optimal Form, Fit, and Function

Jimi-tech offers the broadest collection of standard products. Modified versions of standard products are routine. White paper solutions are available across the entire portfolio.

Unmatched Application Expertise

Choose Thomson and gain access to over 70 years of global application and problem-solving experience across many industries.

More Competitive Packaging Machines

For Packaging and Converting, Jimi-tech is available early in the design process to help optimize machine performance, life and cost. Then enjoy peace of mind during the production life of your machine as we provide the quality components, predictable costs and on-time delivery to keep your business running smoothly. Jimi-tech is the name you can trust for power transmission and linear motion technologies. Call us today to discuss your next application or any of our 2000+ distribution partners around the world for fast delivery of replacement parts.

Our industrial linear actuators  is widely using on the application

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Pick & Place

Adding Value To Packaging Machines:

Illustrated here are just a few of the many ways that Jimi-tech adds value to packaging machines. For example, this 4-axis…

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Label Printing

Simply Engineered, Optimized Performance:

Accuracy, high speed and flexibility can be achieved with modest mechanical engineering effort when Jimi-tech is you…

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Unmatched Quality, Low Maintenance:

Simple, high quality machines can be built from standard components providing long life, virtually maintenance free. Unm…

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Building your own production line or manufacturing machines for resale, Jimi-tech is uniquely positioned to help get the job done right the first time.

Carton packing applicat…

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PET Bottle

Jimi-tech components such as profile rails, lead screws and brakes contribute to the efficient, consistent performance of pick-and-place test tube robots. These machines must deliver…

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Right Mix of Linear Motion Components:

The right mix of linear motion components enables this filling machine the flexibility to handle a wide range of task…

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