For Carton Packing,Building your own production line or manufacturing machines for resale, Jimi-Tech  is uniquely positioned to help get the job done right the first time.

Carton packing applications, for example, may have special needs best met with a combination of standard and customized mechanical components. At Jimi-Tech , modified versions of standard product are routine. White sheet design solutions are available across the entire product portfolio.

In this example, the most efficient and cost effective solution involves a thoughtful combination of pre-assembled Jimi-Tech  linear systems, separate linear guide and ball screw components, Deltran clutches and brakes, Micron gear heads and a slightly modified electric linear actuator.

The optimum form, fit, and function for your machine is not to be found at competitors with limited product lines and bargain basement parts.

Our industrial linear actuators  is widely using on the application

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