Adding Value To Packaging Machines:

For Pick & Place / Palletizing, Illustrated here are just a few of the many ways that Jimi-Tech  adds value to packaging machines. For example, this 4-axis pick-and-place robot could be used for palletizing and loading. Jimi-Tech  linear components and pre-assembled linear systems can be configured into small and large multi-axis motion solutions.

On the vertical axis, a Jimi-Tech  rolled ball screw driven linear system with Jimi-Tech  RoundRail linear guides is matched with our Micron gearbox and Deltran power-off brake.

A Jimi-Tech  profile rail linear guide carries the load and adds stiffness to the horizontal axis with an end-supported ball screw drive.

Micron True Planetary Gearheads are coupled with Kollmorgen servo motors on axes here and in the following applications. A Kollmorgen direct drive rotary servo motor powers the base.

Our industrial linear actuators  is widely using on the application

If you want to know more about Pick & Place / Palletizing, please go to watch our YouTube channel.