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How much does a solar tracker cost?

Solar trackers: everything you need to know 3 REPLIES There are many unique ways to design and install a solar energy system for your property. If you are considering a ground-mounted solar panel installation, you might be considering a solar tracking system so that your panels follow the sun across the sky. This article will examine […]

Heavy duty linear actuators application

Remarkable Features and Benefits of Heavy Duty Linear Actuators We all know that linear actuators are used to create motion in a straight line. These actuators are used in a number of industrial applications. Heavy duty linear actuators are special actuators that are designed particularly for use in applications that demand high power. What are heavy duty […]

industrial linear actuators application

You know that industrial linear actuators move loads in a straight line, forward and/or backward. You know they can be powered by hydraulic fluid, compressed air, or electricity. Each type of actuator has its own pros and cons. So, when should you use electric linear actuators? They are not appropriate for every application, but they can […]

slewing drives

Slewing drive If you want to pick any slewing drives products, please go to slewing drives item to choose. If you don’t know it a lot, please refer to below: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search The slewing drive is a gearbox that can safely hold radial and axial loads, as well as transmit a torque for rotating. […]

How is the linear actuators construction?

How is the linear actuator construction? I think most people will be interested in. It will help to choose the most suitable linear actuators for your project. A: back and front hooking  /  If you need heavy loading, the hooking should be strong. B: Slider /This component is very important for loading ability. C:Screw inside […]

How to choose linear actuators for solar tracker

How to choose linear actuators for solar tracker? At first you should know below parameters of linear actuator: 1.Max pull&push loading: this means how heavy this linear actuator can move. 2.Max static loading: this means how heavy this linear actuator can support on static. You need calculate the wind force into the totally loading the […]

How Do Solar Trackers Work?

How to save cost for your solar tracker? This is not a simple question. At first I will explain you about what components will a completed solar tracker system have. For dual axis solar trackers, the completed system includes a linear actuator, a slewing drive, a controller, a set of bracket. For single axis solar […]

How to design solar trackers

How to design solar trackers ? How to design solar trackers, it is a very popular question now. Solar energy has been popular energy for long time, and now it increase 30% per year.  For business, you need a perfect solar tracker solution and solar farm projects are all around the world. Also for home […]

Global Market & Need of Actuators

What is the Actuator? A device that converts the energy into motion through the wheel, axle, and wedge or lever is the actuator. This device makes work easier by automating dozens of routine actions. These actuators are used in various machines which we regularly use in our daily routines like automatic doors, cabinets, furniture, nursing […]

What is Actuator & Which Kinds of Functions Does it Provide?

Are you willing to learn about actuators and their main function in industrial manufacturing? You’re going to learn it all in this informative post. First, we’re going to define what an actuator is, then we’ll move forward towards its basic functions. What is the Actuator? An actuator is a device that produces motion by converting […]