How is the linear actuators construction?

How is the linear actuators construction?

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How is the linear actuator construction? I think most people will be interested in. It will help to choose the most suitable linear actuators for your project.

linear actuators construction

linear actuators construction

A: back and front hooking  /  If you need heavy loading, the hooking should be strong.

B: Slider /This component is very important for loading ability.

C:Screw inside / This one is just designed for hooking front assemble

D: Lead screw /This is a key component for linear actuators. You need design the parameters for getting different speed and loading of the linear actuators.

E: Inside tube/ moving component

F: Cover /waterproof and dust proof

G: Moving nut /very key component. For heavy loading linear actuators, this component decide the quality of the linear actuators.

H:Limited switch /For stop moving

I:Worm gear /belong to gear box. Different gear box has different transmission.

J:Cover /protect the motor from water and dust

K:Motors /

How is the linear actuator construction?

The key point for each component has been explained above. If you have any questions, you can contact whatsapp +8618806620218 to get more details.

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