How Do Solar Trackers Work?

How Do Solar Trackers Work?

On August 19th 2019 by adminn

How to save cost for your solar tracker? This is not a simple question.

At first I will explain you about what components will a completed solar tracker system have.

For dual axis solar trackers, the completed system includes a linear actuator, a slewing drive, a controller, a set of bracket.

For single axis solar trackers, the completed system includes linear actuator, a controller, a set of bracket.

If someone want to make the solar projects with solar trackers, maybe he will make mistakes for the solar tracker design. It will make the cost of solar project be much higher than they expect.

Our company will support you at the completed solar tracker system design, so can make sure that you design under the right way. If you have any questions about design supports, please contact whatsapp+8618806620218

Also our company provides all the components of the solar tracker including linear actuators, slewing drives, DC motors, controller. They are all made in our factory, so they have low price.

Even we can provide the completed solar tracker systems with brackets, but we don’t recommend to do that. The shipping fee of the brackets is so expensive. For saving cost, we recommend you make the brackets in your country, and we can give you supports for how to design the brackets. We will also provide the key component of the brackets which is not so easy to get in your country. The key component is not so heavy, and its’ shipping fee is very low.

If you need any quotations for solar tracker components, please contact us directly whatsapp+8618806620218.

If you have any questions about solar tracker construction understanding, please go to visit our websites home page. Also you can go to watch our company YouTube channel to help you understanding the construction details.



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