Solar tracker design, the most important components include frame, linear actuator and slewing drives(motors), controller, other accessaries.

When you are going to design the frame, you need think about anti-wind. The most important thing is that you need choose the correct metal material, and how thick and how heavy should it be.

For linear actuators or slewing drives, you need consider the quality and price. It should be warterproof, and long life ability. Waterproof can help you to resistant rust. Our linear actuators and slewing drives have high quality and competitive price. We give you 5 years warranty for our linear actuators.

For controller, it depends on your functions and price requirement. Sometimes you need a lot of functions for you projects, so the price should be high,but sometimes you just need very simple functions. You can help you to customize the functions what do you need on low price.

After you chose all components, you can start solar tracker desgin.

If you need all components of solar tracker system, we can provide. We have a lot of customers of solar projects, and had served all solar tracker components for so many projects.