heavy duty solar tracker linear actuator
Linear Actuators

model: PA8

High precision electric cylinder
Electric Cylinders:

Model: 90 series

Linear motions:

Model: 60 series

Solar Trackers:

Model: P40

Solar tracking controllers:

Model: dual axis

Solar tracker controllers manufacturer
Slewing drives:

Model: V9

high quality slewing drives
high precision servo motor
Servo Motors:

Model: 200 series

low price DC motor
DC Motors:

Model: T-300

Lifting Desks:

Model: single leg

Industrial Solar Tracker Linear Actuator Manufacturer of China – JimiTech!

Are you looking for an efficient industrial linear actuator that can put your machines into more stable and productive operations? If yes then, you have landed in the right place. JimiTech is one of the best and most reliable industrial linear actuator manufacturer, located in southeastern China. We are offering the most comprehensive variety of industrial linear actuators, slewing drives, electric cylinder, servo actuators, DC motors, solar tracker linear actuator, solar tracker controller, solar tracker completed system, functional tables, and so on.

Our manufactured industrial linear actuators are employed in many automation processes in multiple factories for pushing, rotating, lifting parts, and transporting equipment during manufacturing processes. Being positioned as the prime linear actuator manufacturer, our products are also applicable to be used in the vacuum or underwater conditions.

A large number of industrialists, engineers, manufacturers, OEM organizations rely on our potent and innovative products to answer various challenging processes.

Reliability & Responsibility – Our two effective weapons

When it comes to design, and produce an industrial linear actuator according to client’s demand – on customized request – then being a responsible linear actuator manufacturer, we respect it as our duty to weigh these orders , depending on particular specifications of product including; type of actuator, input voltage, load weight, size, use of frequency, and standard requirements.

If you are looking to buy gold standard of solar tracker linear actuator, then we guarantee you on time supply, credible performance, stability, timely supply, and sincere service. Our industrial linear actuators are exported to both the domestic and international market.

Always accessible & provide an ultimate convenience

Whether you have concerns regarding how to work with us or any queries concerning our procedure of product design and development, we’ve made it convenient, yet accessible for you to approach us via our website by putting all kind of information to answer your concerns and queries.

From on wards, when you look for best solar tracker linear actuator manufacturer, then don’t forget to consider us for catering all your needs! With our broad range of premium industrial linear actuator and others, you are sure to find the one that fits your definition of an ideal actuator. We also provide after sales services to our clients all over the world.

Features of Our Linear Actuators:

As one of the most prominent liner actuator suppliers in the industry we are producing the best actuators that can solve various process challenges flawlessly. We always strive to manufacture and provide our customers with whatever they ask for to consummate their project demands. We are having a broad directory of linear actuators that includes:

* Solar tracker linear actuator

* Electric rod style actuator

* High – resolution linear actuator

* Pneumatic rod style actuator

* Belt drove & Screw driven actuators

* Linear Actuators for medicines

Our manufactured linear actuators are not only famous in the local market, but we have a good reputation and outreach in international industry as well.

Best Fit For Your Project:

Being the best and dominant linear actuator manufacturer, we hold the position for producing nothing less than the best. With our highly dexterous staff, we are able to manage and satisfy the unique requirements of clients. No matter how complicated your demand is, you can rely on us to provide you with the best possible solutions. Our solar tracker linear actuator have found their application scope at various industries like a blast furnace, coke plants, hot mill areas, boiler houses, lock valving, steam control valves, cold mills, and others. We are determined to provide you with the fit for your application and can tailor our actuators upon your request.

At JimiTech, we are splendid to be positioned as the leading suppliers of industrial linear actuator to a wide array of industry. We are inviting our customers to relish in the extensive experience we have in providing a custom solution will all accessories and control to meet the diverse demands of different applications. If you are looking for actuators to deliver you stability, greater durability, and efficiency than we can serve with the best solar tracker linear actuators that are suitable for various applications.

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