Project Description


  • Maximum thrust 6000N
  • Aluminum alloy tubes, reinforced bottom cover
  • Maximum speed reaches 100mm/s
  • Complete metal gear driving, designed for operation for 30,000 times
  • Inbuilt potential meter optional
  • Meet IP66 standard,waterproof, suitable for outdoor application
  • Compatible with 48V/36V/24V /12V electric motor
  • Overload protection
  • Maintenance-free

Linear actuators for solar tracking systems Application                                  

Apply linear actuators for solar tracking systems to Agricultural, construction, mining, and highway machinery equipment. Such as golf carts, garden vehicles, tractors, theme parks, satellite dishes, solar energy tracking system, it can apply to. Such as ships, offshore drilling platform special vehicles, garbage compression devices, it can apply to.

You can go to watch example videos on YouTube. It can help you to understand how is solar tracker working, and how is the linear actuators applying to soar tracker. Otherwise you can go to my YouTube channel to study all the constructions of single axis solar trackers and dual axis solar trackers. If you have any questions, you can contact us on website.


Customization of  linear actuators is just for your requirements,whatever you have any requirements. Our engineers will try our best to design the most suitable products for you. JIMI Tech brands linear actuators can be customized to apply to wide field. We are professional and we are very pleasure to provide best service to our customers. Because we have 20 more professional engineers to solve different problems from our customers, we make so much customization for big companies around the world.

Potentiometer feedback

It provides simulate signal and can help to locate the tube position, because potentiometer can remember the position when power off and power on. This technology just few company can provide good solution, but our company is the one of them. It can help to simplify the construction of solar tracker, however one of our customers has finished their solar tracker system design, and it run very well now.


Over loading clutch

Over loading clutch is used, so it can protect the motor when motor is on blocking. However it makes motor not be damaged and linear actuator with long life, it is really useful.

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You choose one of these linear actuators to apply to solar tracker system