Project Description


  • Frequency:50HZProtect
  • Feature:Waterproof
  • Phase:Single-phase, single phase
  • Certification:CE
  • AC Voltage:208-230 / 240 V
  • Efficiency:1.5kw 2.6kw
  • Voltage:220V
  • Application:CNC Machine
  • Torque:6N.M 10N.M
  • motor current:6.5A 15A
  • PRM:2500
  • Safety Class:IP65

Servo Motors

High precision servo motor is a rotary actuator that allows for precise control of angular position. It consists of a motor coupled to a sensor for position feedback. It also requires a servo drive to complete the system. The drive uses the feedback sensor to precisely control the rotary position of the motor. This is called closed-loop operation. By running the system closed-loop, servo motors provide a high performance alternative to stepper and AC induction motors.

Jimi-tech’s family of high precision servo motors gives you unprecedented choice and flexibility from a wide range of standard products so you can select the best servo motor for your application. By pairing our servo motors with our family of plug-and-play servo drives, selecting the right motion control products has never been easier.

Standard Jimi-tech high precision servo motors and servo drives offer the best of both worlds – the exact specifications of a custom solution with the faster delivery times and lower cost of a standard catalog product. For your truly unique motion control applications, work with our engineering team to customize a solution for your machine design. Either way, standard product or customized, we can help you choose the motion control solution that meets your exact requirements.

Jimi-tech offers servo motors that fit many types of environments. Whether you need a servo motor that is designed for the washdown environments found in food and beverage, the explosion proof environments found in oil and gas or extreme temperature environments, Jimi-tech has you covered.

Servo motors have been widely applied to electric cylinder, slewing drives.