Linear Motion Systems Applications Decades of Application Experience. JIMI has one of the broadest ranges of linear motion systems on the market. We also provide a large number of components and accessories, such as gearheads, intermediate shafts, mounting kits and sensors to help optimize a solution for your application. Handling and packaging Use linear motion systems for economical point-to-point transport motion. Speed, long stroke and/or environmental protection may be critical parameters that many times can be addressed by using JIMI linear motion systems.
Printing and scanning Linear motion systems can cover the large areas, high speeds and acceleration rates at the accuracy required for this type of equipment.
Food processing Fully enclosed units, also available with enhanced environmental protection, make linear motion systems suited for the often wet and humid conditions in the food industry where cleaning with highpressure water is common. Filling and dispensing Relatively short, rapid movements at high duty cycle, low load and medium accuracy are common in these types of machines. Linear motion systems are often used in these applications and especially those with belt drives.